Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery

COVID-19 Update: Dr. Charles A. Wallace, M.D., values the health and safety of our patients. Some cosmetic surgeons may encourage you to open up a health care credit card account to cover some of the costs of your cosmetic surgery While these cards may be useful for some, USA Today warns that they often have unforeseen drawbacks, such as interest rates that increase rapidly after a certain period of time.
Unique subspecialty fellowship training combined with experienced technical and artistic mastery allow Dr. Bassichis to devote his practice exclusively to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the face resulting in truly custom outcomes for each patient.

While being a compassionate surgeon who is tirelessly devoted to his patients, Dr. Farris carries a wealth of knowledge and experience as a clinical investigator of FDA approved breast implants and as an educator who taught plastic surgeons at the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine plastic surgery program in New York.
All of these procedures will be personalized to each patient to help them achieve their goals, whether that's creating a fuller, rounder breast, reducing strain on the lower back, returning perkiness to the breasts, or rebuilding a feminine shape after a mastectomy.

For well over a decade, Dr. Fisher has been selected as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States for facial cosmetic and breast surgery” in Best Doctors in America, an authoritative listing of the nation's most prominent physicians in each medical specialty.
Dr. Rohrich has repeatedly been featured as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country by U.S. News and World Report, Harper's Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, and Texas Monthly, as well as being quoted in notable publications such as the New York Times and Boston Globe.
Determining whether-or-not to undergo plastic surgery can be a difficult decision, but the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons doctor can make the process of finding a board-certified plastic surgeon much easier with large membership of respected physicians.

But, with the growing popularity of plastic surgery, there has arisen a dearth of good plastic surgeons. Though this takes some training, it can be a useful adjunct to other procedures for facial rehabilitation. As a recognized speaker, he has addressed numerous medical and lay organizations on plastic surgery issues and topics, particularly regarding the innovative laser and endoscopic cosmetic procedures.

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