Structural Steel Fabrication Company

Available in prototypes and small to large production runs. Heat treating, powder coating, vacuum metallizing, assembly, welding, and other secondary operations are provided. Fabrication services of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, nickel, iron, sheet metal, ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polyoxymethylene , polyether ether ketone and other materials. Capabilities include milling, cutting, injection molding, bending, welding, turning and hobbing. Additive manufacturing, finishing, plating and painting services are also offered.
However, it can be tricky to weld, especially with higher gauge material. Though if you follow a few of the following tips, you can be successful at it. Our newest cohort from the Brooklyn Metal Partnership finished welding their perfect cubes. They are on to TIG welding and then prep for their G3 test. Welding is becoming a lost art in the age of digital jobs.

Makers learn to weld and bring home their own project; a steel bowl, cube, hooks or bottle openers. We carry several certifications, and can work with a variety of materials in each shop. Our welders and fitters use a variety of joining technologies and our sheet metal tradesman have access to the best training and equipment available. We also offer insulated concrete forms and other building materials for your commercial or residential projects. Expert welding and fabricating done residential and commercial with 30 years of experience.
Capabilities include metal stamping, spinning, forming, and tooling services. Fabricates a range of products such as balls, funnels, tanks, containers, and hoppers. Materials worked with include brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and cold-rolled steel.
From on time delivery directly to our site, care and precise specs they have been very reliable with quality of the fabricated steel products never compromised. We awarded Allied Steel NY the contract structural steel NY to supply structural steel for the strip mall project in the Bronx, NYC, worth over a half million dollars. Allied Steel NY provided a quality team that we were in constant contact with.

We pride ourselves on the service that we offer whether it is manufacturing engineering, supply chain management, or customer advocacy in China. We are more than just a supplier and view all of our clients as long term partners in success. Precision Metals is a full-service sheet metal and machining facility. We work to give you quality products at reasonable prices while meeting your deadlines. We serve the government, aerospace, industrial and medical fields in all aspects. Fully capable of grand-scale steel fabrication including multi-level buildings and structures such as parking garages, shopping malls and more.
The design and materials are yours, the process is ours. Together, we create custom metal solutions that are both stunning and functional. Established in 1987, family-run Krando Metal Products provides high quality waterjet cutting, wire forming, plasma and laser cutting, as well as numerous other fabrication and machining services. We are constantly updating our facility and strive for timely and competitively priced service. Brandywine Valley Fabricators is a privately-owned metal fabrication company located in the heart of the Delaware Valley and serving the Tri-state area. Since 1956, we have forged a reputation for service, innovation and reliability.

Materials worked with include alloy, carbon steel, iron and light and perforated metal. Are you a commercial business in Brooklyn looking for a steel fabricator that specializes in commercial steel fabrication and installation? Our welders & steel fabricators are the best in the industry and take pride in every project completed. We are based in Brooklyn, NY but serve customers throughout the state of New York. Steelmasters is your go-to-source for miscellaneous commercial steel and iron fabrications of every kind. We professionally weld and manufacture steel and iron customized to fit your specific desires and needs.
Byron Products is a thermal processing company specializing in Brazing, Heat Treating, Coatings and Welding. We also provide a number of secondary services including NDT, machining, blasting, and vibratory finishing. We have state-of-the-art machinery and products. We specialize in heat treating and vacuum heat treating stainless steel and exotic alloys.

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