The Value of Bringing a Taser Gun Along With You All The Time

There’s often some misunderstandings concerning a stun gun as well as a Taser. Yes, typically these operate in a similar manner, using an electric current to defeat and disorientate an attacker. But, tasers work by firing barbed darts into the attacker’s skin originating from a short distance (ordinarily up to 15 feet). The charged electrical darts are installed on a handheld unit by a couple of wires that continue to emit electrical impulses once they find their target.

The current portable tasers come in two designs; the first appears like a gun or pistol and actually operates much in the same way. The second appears like an electrical handheld razor or shaver, and they tend to be easy to operate for a beginner and also are cheaper than the pistol type.

It’s crucial to note that Tasers (like stun guns) must make contact with the body. Hitting a running target using a taser is actually really difficult and tasers only fire a single shot. Also, it need to puncture the skin to work correctly so if your would-be enemy is wearing thick garments or is running at speed there is a great chance it is not going to work.

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