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The house shines brightly after the cleaning by House Proud cleaning Glenhaven. I can safely say that I can depend on them to clean my home thoroughly and are always very diligent about it. I would like to give two thumbs up to this company. They really have a friendly and honest staff. I highly recommend this company to anyone. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, it goes without saying that customers are attracted to clean environments.
Why not add that bit of sparkle to your house? Let our professional staff take care of your window cleaning. This cleaning service is strongly recommended before selling your property. I met the cleaners on site at a property property management I was overseeing. They were ahead of time, did a thorough review with me of the items that required attention, and then did a proper clean of the property. Would use again, and have also recommended them to other clients.
They go through expert training and provide the best quality cleaning services, always. Are you looking for reliable cleaners to get your home neat and clean? Are you looking for cleaning specialists to make moving home less stressful? We are renowned cleaning professionals in Canberra that excels in every kind of cleaning services. Whether your lease is ending or you are looking for a thorough cleaning of your office or need regular cleaning of your home, we have you covered on all fronts.

In his initial visit had asked me to check his work to ensure I was happy before he went on to mop the floors. The company are very professional and responsive to any queries either via phone, text or email. They listen to you to know your needs and cover any concerns.I am a very happy client. Thank you Sena for sending Ujjwal .I highly recommend House Proud. We have been using Houseproud Cleaning for two years now with our window cleaning and we have been satisfied with the service.
We can tailor a specific site plan aimed at satisfying all of your cleaning concerns and needs. A fresh pair of eyes will be able to notice all parts of a room that need to be dusted, wiped down or scrubbed. If you want to get a professional cleaner service from a friendly team, contact Houseproud Canberra Cleaners for a no obligation free quote.Canberra Cleaner Quote. I would highly recommend Darran he has a high standard of cleaning and cares about his customers. They really care about your home and cleaning it they way you would like it.

Everything is bright and shiny, she is totally reliable and tolerant of renovations. Changed cleaners due to scheduling and used at friends suggestion Molly Maid aka ACT Cleaners. Charged way more for no cleaning supplies, late arrival and incomplete work. Just about posting a similar review for these guys.
We don't leave until your entire home is clean and you are 100% satisfied. Sena's team has been cleaning our house for 2 years and would highly recommend them. The team is on time, professional and honest.
At BCS Cleaning Maintenance, we provide tailored cleaning solutions for retail, commercial and service providers to help maintain good customer retention. We understand that every retailer and service provider is difference which is why our 25 years experience really makes a difference to the services we deliver. We specialise in construction cleaning and provide a safe, fast and professional cleaning service to allow you to meet your deadlines. Management at Intense cleaning strongly believes in "a hands on approach" to managing our cleaning contracts.

Our team will speak with you ahead of your service. Each year, we receive many thank-you cards and x’mas cards from our sweet customers. We want to say thank-you so much to all our lovely customers for your great support!

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